Work Smart Ergonomics
                                               Fitting the workplace to the worker
Ergo Tips

    Are you a PDA user ? If you are, you may be one of many who are starting to show up at the doctor’s office with a repetitive stress injury of the fingers and thumbs. Here are some tips to avoid this growing musculoskeletal disorder (MSD)


            Take frequent breaks.

            Write fewer and shorter messages; Use                          abbreviations

            Avoid thumb typing

            Learn how to stretch your finger and thumbs

Notebook Computers

    Laptop computers are popular in the world of business. Many people are using them, but unfortunately no matter how you slice it they are not very “ergonomic”. Frequent use results in increased medical costs and decreased productivity. The following tips can be used to decrease the risk of musculoskeletal disorders associated with their use.


            Avoid prolonged use by                                 taking frequent breaks.

            Use a detachable keyboard and                               mouse so the screen can be
               raised to eye level.

            Place laptop on an empty notebook                   to allow for proper wrist and hand                           position.