Work Smart Ergonomics
                                               Fitting the workplace to the worker
Goal-driven Services, Customized for your Business

    Our services are geared to meet your specific needs. We provide recommendations that address three categories:

              - Prevention
              - Early Symptoms
              - Existing Injuries

      Our individual services include:
  • Job Risk Analysis
    • Identifies risk factors associated with the physical demands of a particular job. Provides solutions to educate employees on how to prevent injuries at their workstation.
  • On-site Employee Work Area Assessment
    • A comprehensive assessment of an employee workstation resulting in tailored ergonomic solutions for individuals with complaints of job related pain.
  • Workstation Equipment and Design Consultation
    • Working with your company's designers, contractors, or architects, Work Smart Ergonomics can recommend ideal furniture and equipment configurations for current or future work spaces.
  • Seminars and Training
    • Interactive seminars tailored to your company's particular needs. Training formats vary to address different audiences, such as workers, supervisors, and health and safety managers.
  • Ergo Health Breaks
    • Unique stretching and exercise programs for the job tasks of groups or individuals.