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Susan Rovnak, PT, CEAS

Susan has called Baltimore her home for the last 20 years. A native of the Pittsburgh area, she is a licensed physical therapist, certified ergonomics assessment specialist and owner of Manual Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine (MPTSM). Susan graduated with a degree in physical therapy on scholarship from the University of Pittsburgh, and did her internship at the Cleveland Clinic. She has 20 years of clinical experience at Johns Hopkins Hospital where she supervised the outpatient physical therapy clinic.

In addition to her work at MPTSM, Susan is involved in several activities in her field. She is a consultant for the Ford Motor Company-UAW and oversees education and quality assurance at their rehabilitation clinics across the country. Susan has also written and is featured in "Physical Therapy Minute," which is an educational segment featured on the Baltimore City cable channel. She also gives lectures to local businesses on "Protecting the Neck and Back at the Computer."

Susan focuses on preventive health care, particularly in the areas of osteoporosis  and ergonomic computer work stations. She received her CEAS (Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist) certification from the Back School of Atlanta and her FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation) training with Isernhagen Work Systems. Her specialty is in hands-on treatment using manual therapy techniques such as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) and myofascial release. She is a physical therapy instructor, teaching PNF at the University of Maryland and in past years at the University of Delaware.

In her spare time she enjoys traveling around the world to visit friends and family, dancing, aerobic exercise, and volunteering her time to community and church activities.

Her philosophy of treatment emphasizes individualized compassionate care to assist each person in reaching his or her goals for a healthier quality of life.