Work Smart Ergonomics
                                               Fitting the workplace to the worker
Ensuring the Highest Return on Investment

    Our Pre Work Screening will ensure that you hire none other than the best employees for the job by:
  •  Determining an Employee's Physical Ability to Perform the Job
    • Pre-work screening is an effective process to determine a potential employee’s physical ability to perform a specific job.  Determining this before an employee is hired will ensure the highest return on investment and prevent work related injury that can have devastating financial results for a company’s bottom line.
  • Analyzing the Physical Requirements of the Job
    • Work Smart Ergonomics will work with your company to develop testing that determines if the prospective employee is a good match for the job. By reviewing a company’s job descriptions and analyzing the job, we can develop objective testing for strength, flexibility, aerobic capacity and other physical requirements of the job. 
  • Avoiding Legal Risk
    • Having a pre-work screening program in place protects your company by weeding out the employee who is unable to perform the job due to a pre-existing injury or their own physical limitations. This protects both your business and the employee, thus helping you to avoid legal risk and decrease workman’s compensation claims.