Work Smart Ergonomics
                                               Fitting the workplace to the worker
Why Ergonomics?



    At Work Smart Ergonomics, our goal is to maximize productivity by minimizing the potential for work-related injuries in both existing and new workspaces. Bringing ergonomics into any working environment doesn't have to be expensive. A safe and sound work station doesn't cost any more than one that's been poorly designed. The difference is in making informed, educated decisions along the way. The long-term benefits of creating the healthiest place to work will far outweigh initial costs overall. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has stated, "every $1 spent on ergonomic programs delivers a $3 return on investment."

"The employee knows that you are committed to their health in the long run. They see you taking an individual interest in them and trust and respect you" ... Elizabeth Bowles physical therapist and member of the Ford-UAW ergonomic team, speaking in regards to the benefits of an ergonomic program.